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Portfolio & Presentation Requirements - View Below
1) Artist Portfolio

Please remember that 50% of the sale to a client is through digital representation.

Be sure to provide quality images of decent size for display on our website or print media representation for our clients.

2) Media Representations

Most clients, expect to see an honest representation of the acts they would like to book.

Grainy, blur or badly edited footage, limits us if you have your own personal branded media or media that is copyrighted.

3) Telephone Communication

Do not hesitate to call us so we can effectivley guide you through our booking process, thus ensuring that you receive an accurate, as well as an effective quotation based on your function or events criteria.

- We look forward to receiving your call!

4) Consultations & Presentations

If you wish to talk face to face with our consultants in the comfort of your own environment, kindly click here now.

- Presentations on Request as per brief.